Paradigm Shift - A Werewolf Detective Story

Created by Dirk Tiede

20th Anniversary Collection - 2 Volume Graphic Novel Set

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Off to an incredible start! We're almost there!
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 04:14:22 PM

80% of the way on the first day? Wow! 

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude at the response to this campaign so far. I was confident that this thing was possible, but I had no idea how many people would show up right away. Thank you so much for backing this new PS collection. You are amazing!

It's entirely possible that we'll reach 100% today, which means the rest of the campaign will be STRETCH GOAL OVERTIME!  

  • First up, if we reach $7500, I'll be drawing inked sketches for everybody who's ordered a copy of the book. I did this before in 2009 when PS Part Three came out, and they were really fun to do. Please make me draw for everyone! =)
  • If we can get to $10,000, I'm going to print an art book with all the sketches and color posters and pin-ups I've made for Paradigm Shift over the years, including all the werewolf and transformation designs. Everyone who's ordered a book will get a copy. (And I'll throw in an ebook version for backers of the Digital Collection, too!)

Please, tell your friends about this campaign, and we can make this happen!